Monday, January 31, 2005

Note to the President: Buy al Jazeera

Our "allies" in Qatar who financed, built and own the pro-terrorist al Jazeera television channel appear to be bending. The New York Times reports that, faced with continued US pressure, the Qataris are going to put al Jazeera up for sale.

We should buy it.

The Arabic-language satellite TV channel has a huge global audience and a strong brand. It has credibility and physical access in the Arabic-speaking world where the US has little to none.

We can't let it fall into the wrong hands.

Think of the clever things the US could do if it owned or controlled al Jazeera.

We should buy the station - and invite the Qataris to sell it to us for one dollar, and to pay future operating costs. It's the least they can do to show they're serious about undoing the damage they've done to the United States.

The biggest roadblock we would face are the State Department weenies who fear that by trying to influence al Jazeera, the US would be trampling Arab freedom of speech. . . .


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