Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Alberto Gonzales is no Torquemada

Ever stop to think about the absurdity of the attacks on Alberto Gonzales?

President Bush's Attorney General-designate is under fire - not for being too weak in the war on terrorism, but for being too tough.

Imagine! Liberal Democrats and mushy Republicans in the "world's highest deliberative body" are upset that Gonzales wrote guidelines to "torture" captured terrorists at our Navy base in Cuba, saying this disqualifies him from becoming the nation's highest law-enforcement officer.

Look at the litany of tortures Gonzales approved: playing loud rap music, keeping the light on so the terrorists won't know what time it is, making them sit in uncomfortable positions, scaring them with barking dogs, and feeding them nutritious but boring food. Sounds like a college dorm.

I heard that we're even blasting "Barney the Dinosaur" music at them.

That's just about it. No beatings. No electrocutions. No fingernails being pulled out. No thumb-screws or racks or iron maidens or gibbets. Just rap, lights, bland food and scary dogs on short leashes.

It's as if the anti-Gonzales senators and other critics care more about the welfare of al Qaeda terrorists than they do for the war effort. These people have their priorities so confused that they oppose President Bush more virulently than they oppose Osama bin Laden.

All the more reason to support Gonzales for attorney general. He's no Torquemada, but he has the cojones that Washington needs.


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