Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ladies break terrorists at Gitmo with red ink, tight shirts and thongs

Here's the latest tale of "torture" from our terrorist detention center in Guantanamo: American women torment terror suspects by wearing tight tee-shirts, thongs and miniskirts. Even worse, they gross out the enemy detainees with dabs of red ink from pens and magic markers.

It's a skilled but harmless way of breaking the toughest detainees who refuse to talk - yet the politically correct military has disciplined the female interrogators and stopped the practice, even though it reduced one particularly tough detainee to "cry like a baby."

A former Army sergeant who served as a translator at Guantanamo has exposed the activity in a tell-all book due to be published this year.

Hurting terrorists' feelings is now considered torture.

Some politically correct (don't ask don't tell?) types at SOUTHCOM, according to AP, have questioned the practice of having an all-female team subdue troublesome terror suspects.

One SOUTHCOM report, commenting on a video of a terrorist suspect being subdued, states: "The detainee appears to be genuinely traumatized by a female escort securing the detainee's leg irons."

Looks like these women are on to something. The terrorists aren't Big Men after all.

As it so often does with creative people who think out of the box, the military has reprimanded personnel and contractors for these activities. That's a shame. Girls can break terrorists in ways, tasteless as they may be, that guys cannot. The interrogators should be given medals - and the oh-so-sensitive superiors who shut down the program should be disciplined or sacked.


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