Friday, January 07, 2005

The FBI blows another Chinese spy case

The FBI has done it again: blown another Chinese espionage case.

When two of its agents sold out the United States to their Chinese lover, code-named Parlor Maid, they wrecked what some say was a major operation against Beijing's espionage offensive.

Now, as with the case of Wen Ho Lee who allegedly passed classified American nuclear weapons designs and testing data to the People's Republic, only to worm his way out of the prosecution, the FBI has blown it.

Here's what the presiding judge had to say: "The government decided to make sure that Leung and her lawyers would not have access to [her former FBI lover] Smith. . . . When confronted with what they had done, they engaged in a pattern of stonewalling entirely unbecoming to a prosecuting agency."

Heads should roll. The FBI is still rotten at the top and needs a thorough house-cleaning. We know who some of those rotten officials are. Maybe we'll write about them soon.


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