Saturday, September 03, 2005

Gulf Coast cops have the spirit on dealing with looters

Local and state police along the hurricane-wracked Gulf Coast aren't taking any nonsense from looters.

A friend in an isolated area, with his BlackBerry as his only means of communciation, emailed me today with stories of gangs sacking homes and overwhelmed police without the backup they need.

My friend is guarding his family home with his rifle. Police officers have been informally enlisting local armed citizens to help them quash the gang problem. According to my friend, "Now we are standing watch at night with my AR-15 and M-14--at the police's request because they are stretched thin. I am told that if we have to shoot anyone to make sure we shoot to kill and then fuggeddaboutit. The cops HATE the looters and I suspect they are hunting them every night."


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