Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Congressman Moran to Pentagon: Don't treat al Qaeda terrorists as badly as I treated my wife

Congressman Jim Moran would never allow US forces to treat captured terrorists as badly as he treated his own wife or an 8 year-old black boy in his northern Virginia district.

Moran recently made a little-noticed visit to the US detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he expressed angst at the thought of American personnel getting tough with captured terrorists. On his return he showed general satisfaction with the conditions at Guantanamo (Americans are forbidden to war Christian crosses for fear of upsetting the detainees, who receive constant medical care and can choose their specially-prepared meals from a menu, among other amenities.) A local Washington radio station is reporting that Moran nevertheless might introduce legislation to protect the terrorists from roughness.

Too bad he didn't show so much care for his wife. Famous for his short temper and quick fist, Moran was so abusive that in 1999 his second wife had to call 911 for emergency help. The Washington Post reported at the time that police investigators took photos of bruises on Mary Moran's body, and that she called the police because she feared the congressman would become more violent. She did not file criminal charges, but immediately filed for divorce.

Moran denied he abused his wife and said he pushed her only because she was "coming toward" him.

In 2000 he roughed up an 8 year-old black boy who had been admiring his car. Moran said he was acting in self-defense because he thought the third-grader had a gun.

Back when he was a brand-new congressman, in early 1991, Moran grabbed this blogger in a hallway of the Longworth House Office Building, after taking offense at an observation about his "flip-flop" on the war effort to oust Iraqi forces from Kuwait. Moran chased the offender from the street and halfway down a hallway before grabbing him from behind and making a fist as if to punch him out. When the press got wind of the story, the lawmaker told a radio station that there was nothing to it, and that he was handling "just a couple of punks."