Friday, August 19, 2005

Swell public diplomacy idea: Set up gay support group in Baghdad

The State Department has approved a project that's sure to influence hearts and minds in Iraq.

It just gave the OK for a gay support group in Baghdad.

Iraqis, Muslims and Arabs in general and, well, a lot of people in the military and elsewhere frown quite strongly on the practice of sodomy (the term, by the way, originates from Sodom, the city in ancient Mesopotamia that is now part of Iraq), especially the in-your-face kind promoted by American activists.

But the Washington-based Gays & Lesbians In Foreign Affairs Agencies (GLIFAA) says the State Department recently recognized a homosexual "support group" at the US Embassy in Baghdad.

State gave the thumbs-down to a June "gay pride" event in the Iraqi capital, reportedly for fear of offending US military personnel. But it later gave thumbs-up to permit homosexual activists to set up and promote a support group in the Green Zone.

And we wonder why so many people hate us.


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