Thursday, May 12, 2005

Szlajfer writes rebuttal to this blog in major Warsaw paper; denies he was secret collaborator

Henryk Szlajfer, the senior Polish foreign ministry official who might be named the next Polish ambassador to the United States, wrote a detailed rebuttal to FourthWorldWar's April 30 report of a secret police index that indicates he was a collaborator under communist rule.

Because of the importance of his statement and in the interests of fairness, I asked a Polish colleague to translate Szlajfer's rebuttal, which appeared in the May 8 issue of Gazeta Wyborcza, a newspaper that likes to call itself the "New York Times of Poland."

Gazeta Wyborcza's over-reaction to the report on this blog has caused user traffic to spike, and prompted me to dig a little more for what related information might be around. There's so much material worthy of publication that I started a new blog, Dzerzhinsky's Polish Legion, at

The full text of the translation of Szlajfer's article appears on that blog. Click here to read it.


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