Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Developing: More on Szlajfer's Trotskyite activity

The Warsaw newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza reported falsely last weekend that this blogger backed off a statement that senior Polish foreign ministry official Henryk Szlajfer was involved in a Trotskyite Communist group in the 1960s.

I wrote that Szlajfer, who might be named as Polish ambassador to Washington, "participated in a Trotskyist 'dissident' faction called 'The Commandos' and led by Adam Michnik." The Gazeta Wyborcza reporter took issue with that assertion and inaccurately said I backed away. The controversy arose amid concerns about old secret police microfilm records that appear to indicate that Szlajfer was a collaborator.

Michnik is founder and editor of the Gazeta Wyborcza, so maybe that's why his newspaper ran that weird, four-page article attacking this humble blog. Meanwhile, Szlajfer reportedly denies that he was a secret police agent. There's more to this story, so watch this space.


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