Monday, May 30, 2005

Big law firms eager to aid terrorists at Gitmo

Big-name law firms are rushing to aid enemy combatants being held at Guantanamo, Cuba, absorbing all the costs in hopes of making big money by suing the United States government on the alleged terrorists' behalf.

They no longer take a hands-off attitude toward scrappy, ideological terrorist support groups like the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR). Instead, the CCR is coordinating the big firms - including some of the most prestigious in Washington - to move in against the US government in the middle of the war on terrorism.

The influx of lawyers is helping the (alleged) terrorists break their psychological dependence on their US military interrogators, a Guantanamo official says.

I'd name some of the law firms, but they'd probably file harassment suits. You can read who some of them are by clicking to the New York Times article that broke the story.

The CCR, headed by Michael Ratner, who has spent most of his professional life defending terrorists and helping them get back on the streets, is coordinating the effort.


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