Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Recycled propaganda

Watching how the nation's "newspapers of record" are covering Fidel Castro's health, I'm reminded again of the precipitous decline of American journalism.

The New York Times and Washington Post are uncritically feeding us the controlled propaganda of the Cuban Communist Party as if it was news.

Compare the Castro coverage with how they have covered the health problems of Vice President Dick Cheney, treating White House statements of the veep's heart condition with all the appropriate skepticism and then some.

The Washington Post story on the afternoon of August 2 ran with the headline, "Cuban Media Suggests Castro is Doing Well."

The New York Times' lead story repeated the unsubstantiated Cuban claim that Castro's condition was "stable."

An Associated Press story began with the lead, "Fidel Castro still appeared to be running the show in Cuba." Its sole sources were Cuban Communist Party publications and regime officials.

Even the Voice of America acted like a mouthpiece of the Cuban regime. A VOA item headlined, "Castro Said to be in Stable Condition" began with a reprint of a Cuban government communique. VOA's supposed biography of Raul Castro contained nothing that would offend Cuban government censors, even crediting the younger Castro with being behind the regime's economic reforms.


Blogger Charles said...

Further evidence that the media aren't being objective, they're just being liberal.

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