Saturday, March 25, 2006

Did Ukrainian officers spy for the Russians in Iraq?

Pentagon revelations of Russian spying against the United States for Saddam Hussein won't surprise people who have observed the behavior of certain Ukrainian officers working with the US in Iraq.

The political leadership of Ukraine is friendly toward the United States, but Kiev chose never to uproot the old, Russian-controlled KGB structures in the country, and some US officials have complained that Ukrainian military intelligence remains heavily penetrated by the Russian GRU.

A captured Iraqi document from the time of the US-led invasion in 2003 purports to be the summary of a letter from a Russian official to Saddam Hussein. That document, according to the Washington Post, mentions that the Russians had "sources inside the American Central Command in Doha" who spied on the coalition's top commanders.

FourthWorldWar is reliably told that certain Ukrainian officers serving in the coalition's top decisionmaking structures liberally help themselves to large amounts of internal documents, and that no US counterintelligence presence has been there to stop them.

Could there be a connection between Ukrainian traitors who still work for Moscow and the recent revelations from Iraq? We should use the opportunity to help Ukrainian leaders clean house.


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