Sunday, February 12, 2006

Remember the Iran saboteur at State

Now that the US and Europe are contemplating war against Iran because we have practically run out of political options, let's recall the State Department official who sabotaged funding for Iran's internal opposition.

As we reported last July, the State Department's small but influential Policy Planning office is riddled with political appointees who do not share President Bush's agenda.

When all other relevant government officials had given their approval to provide $3 million to Iranian opposition figures, a political partisan who worked against the president threw sand in the works. It's time to remember who she is and what she did.

That individual was Suzanne Maloney, the Iran advisor on the Policy Planning staff. Maloney tried to defeat President Bush in the 2004 election, aiding the John Kerry campaign, and deferred a job in anticipation of working in a Kerry administration.

She was an ExxonMobil fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations last year when Policy Planning cleverlings brought her on to run the Iran portfolio.

That's when she sandbagged the money for internal opponents to the Islamo-nuts now running Iran.

It's also useful to recall what happened at the State Department when this blog broke the sabotage story. Instead of investigating Maloney, it tried to find out who blew the whistle.


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