Friday, January 13, 2006

Keeping history straight: Who wiretapped Martin Luther King

This Martin Luther King holiday, we hear the predictable voices slamming the FBI for having wiretapped the civil rights leader.

Perhaps Senator Ted Kennedy of others of his ilk will use that reminder as a reason for not renewing the USA PATRIOT Act.

How good is your history: Who ordered the FBI to spy on Martin Luther King?

J. Edgar Hoover? Richard Nixon? Hatemongers in an out-of-control domestic spying network?

Answer: The Attorney General of the United States ordered the FBI to do so. The Justice Department's main building in Washington is named after him. It was Ted's sainted brother, Attorney General Bobby Kennedy.

Follow-up: Al Gore used Martin Luther King Day to denounce President Bush's tough policies against terrorist networks operating here at home, among us.


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