Saturday, June 18, 2005

How to torture Senator Durbin: Ignore him

The most influential newspaper in Dick Durbin's state of Illinois offered a way of applying "torture" to whom it calls the "coverage-hungry senator."

The Chicago Tribune recommended in a June 17 editorial:

Durbin's comparison of U.S. interrogators to governments that together killed millions of people makes him look desperate for attention. Well, he's created a lot of discussion about Dick Durbin. We suspect that was the goal all along.

Perhaps, though, citizens should be grateful. At least Durbin has stopped repeating that odd little joke about President Lincoln--that he must have been Jewish because his first name was Abraham and he was shot in the temple.

We know what Durbin thinks about the treatment of Guantanamo prisoners. So what's the proper treatment of our coverage-hungry senior senator when he displaces the ever-present microphone long enough to insert his foot in his mouth? Ignore him. That would be torture.


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