Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Kerry rhetoric risks provoking more terrorist attacks

Senator Kerry is taking his campaign rhetoric to dangerous new levels. I predict that his new statements, if sustained, will provoke the terrorists into carrying out more deadly bombings of American personnel, other foreigners helping Iraq rebuild, and innocent Iraqi civilians.

According to the September 29, 2004 Washington Post, "A senior Kerry adviser said the only way Bush can be defeated is if Democrats win, or neutralize, the debate on Iraq by playing up chaos and casualties there and convince voters that the war undermined the hunt for bin Laden and other terrorists."

A terrorist seeking to undermine and oust President Bush would take comfort in the new Kerry plan - and would feed on it by ratcheting up the violence in Iraq, as has been the case over the last several weeks.

The Post added that since September 15, "virtually every day, Kerry has warned that if Bush is reelected, the situation in Iraq will worsen and continue to divert attention from nuclear threats and terrorism."


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